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Executed in Defaced's signature style 'Gotta Get Gurt' was the debut project presented by Gurt Corp. The works explored the life of Gurt Curtley and his relationship with his surrondings. With themes of class and dispensability the team looked to represent this in the collection distributing the pieces as editions, no doubt referring back to the idea of reissues and dispensability.

Amongst art critics there has been multiple dissections of the work, one prominent critic pointed to survivor guilt within Gurt and coming from them being able to pursue their creative dreams, leaving a sense of guilt when confronted with the possible drab futures they could've easily faced.

Other critics have simply called the works (and promotion around the drop) 'a glimpse into a reflection of the teams lives, presented in an artificial and slightly ficticious way - layered with English humor and irony. For what's art key purpose but to remind us we're not alone.'

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